Real Estate Investing Business Plan
There are two main ways that investors make money from their real estate properties: appreciated value of the property over time and cash flow from rental income?

Financing a real estate investment is a major concern for beginner property investors. To set a good financing plan, you first need to assess where you stand financially today. How much cash do you have? Do you have any equity that you can tap into? You may be capable of buying your first investment property with cash, or you may need to consider alternative financing options. Your real estate investing business plan should clarify the exact model of financing.

Successful property investors treat their investment as a business, which is why they develop a real estate investing business plan before anything else. Keep in mind that a business plan is not a document set in stone that you complete once and never look at it again. A real estate investor should continually review and update his/her business plan as his/her real estate investment portfolio grows and new information comes in